Front brake line design

For those not aware of this, high performance brake lines come in two diameter sizes. The traditional size for most lower cost performance lines are referred to as a -3 (which I think is 1/8 inch ID). Fastline being the best example.

Higher cost lines are a -2. For most of the road racing applications I've troubled myself with, I've always used a -2 line. There's virtually no time delay between squeeze and brake action, critical when tenths of a second make the difference. Most higher end automotive race lines are also –2.

However, the feel and connection with the brake is also phenomenal. Causing me to ponder the construction of a -2 line for project 426.

I've found a company that will build it, but I have to spec it.

Can anyone think of why this would be a bad idea?


No, sounds good to me!

Run with it! :)

The only bad idea is having a good idea and not acting on it.


Do it! Then report back to us with the specs, pricing, and results. Thank you, thank you very much (Elvis impersonation, pretty good eh!) :)

I think -2 will be fine... the pistons in the caliper are very small and you dont need to move much fluid. BTW Dash 2 is 2/16 or 1/8 and dash 3 is 3/16 internal diameter... Trivia for the day...

Dave, what is the ID of the -2 hose?

-4 is 3/16th, and -3 is 1/8th.

So I would assume a -2 is 1/16th.

Small eh?

I run this on my R1 and the feel and connection with the brake is amazing.

What this means on the dirt I have no idea, but I thought it may be something worth experimenting with.

The hard part is getting the components.


all i can imagine is bending or pinching of the hose would cause a problem..with that small id ( .0625 dia. is pretty small )careful on the mounting..maybe have it steel flex wrapped..and a cr routing conversion ?

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