clutch will not disengage '08 yz450

posting for a buddy of mine, he has a low hour 08 yz450f, we were riding and all of a sudden the clutch would not disengage and he was stalling the bike. the bike has a rekluse zstart pro clutch so first thought was that. he pulled it apart and put in the factory clutch and it still does it. it just wont disengage. any common issues that you guys know of or any idea? the local dealer told him $3000 for a trans rebuild but they havent even seen the bike. do you have to split cases to rebuild trans?

Yes you do, but so far, there's no proof it needs it.

You say that it won't disengage, so I assume his stalling happens as he slows to a stop. Doe it not disengage at all, or just not completely? Does it shift through the gears fairly normally?

Odd that it should behave the same with both clutches. When the clutch is tightened on the main shaft, does the boss (hub) and main shaft turn freely without the plates in place?

im in idaho and hes in utah so i dont have direct access to the bike. i was down there riding with him when it happened, he had the rekluse in it and it would not disenage at all. so i pulled the clutch cover off and the plates would move as if it were disengaged and there was no lever tension (rekluse) so i put it back together and and started it on the stand still no lever tension like normal (again rekluse) and would get tension when reved up. but would stall as soon as you put into gear, lever in or out. i couldnt go through the gears while running but its not shifting very smooth not running on the stand. he reinstalled the stock clutch and still has issues

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