yz 426f cylinder

I recently bought a '01 426f basket case. Long story short the po thought he had a low compression problem, tore the whole bike apart (engine out of the frame) and sent the cylinder out to be re plated. Well it somehow got lost in the mail and he didn't want to finish it. So now im minus a cylinder and was wondering if anyone knew of one laying around someplace? There's one going for 230$ on ebay but im afraid if i get it it will need to be re plated. Everything else besides the cams looks good, they have rust on the lobes. Ive looked at the 444 big bore kits, but 500$ plus 200$ core charge is way out of my budget, as well as 500$ for a new cylinder. Also i now know why people sell random bolts from bikes on ebay, i bet i don't have half the hardware i need lol.

Thanks for any help

I'd call some of the replating companies they always has cores around. Usually when you send your cylinder in for plating they send you back a different cylinder that was allready replated earlier on. This cuts down in wait time. Eric gorr does this. Give him a call at millennium technologies. U can buy the cores allready plated. Also check his garage sale page on his website, some really great deals.

Cams I would go hotcams for performance and the auto decompression. Or just get a 03 450 exhaust cam

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