04 450 fork bump stops?

i imagine most years interchange but are the actual bump stops sold as a part of the spring guide or something along with the nylon washer? i cant find just the stops in any fische.

im rebuilding my buddies forks and the stops are dry rotted and cracking/broken

The '04 YZ450 used a 48mm open bath fork, which used oil locks for bottoming, and had no soft bumpers at the top of the fork. Do you inner tubes measure 46mm, perhaps?* If so, the bumpers are sold under KYB part number 110130000401. The '04 WR450 used the 46mm fork from the '03 YZ, and had these bumpers in them.

* Another visual clue is that the 46's will have a top cap that has a 19mm hex on a flat surface, while on the 48's the hex sits in a slight recess on the cap.

Ah....correction....it is an 03....in which case that may be why i didnt see anything on the 04 Fische. Thanks.....ill look into it

If Yamaha doesn't sell them, SMART Performance and Suspension Direct will.

yamaha has em at the dealer order only. so we'll just get them from online.

thanks again gray

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