Super Bright Headlight

I have an '06 Yam WR450 and I want a really bright headlight.

According to Baja Designs, they said that I cannot run anything higher than a 55/60 Headlight bulb.

In addition, the housing is small and the quality of the focus seems questionable.

Its so small in volume, something will probably melt.

So I cant simply throw a brighter bulb in there.

Does anyone make a nice WR compatible LED headlight assy that is brighter?

The reason why I am attracted to LED is the fact that for a given amount of current,

you can get alot more light out of an LED bulb

Oddly enough, nobody seems to be making LED headlight bulbs

I just picked up a DDM 35w 5000k setup and will be installing it next week. I believe this will be the cheapest and one of the brightest lights you can put on our bikes. I have an 09, so I had to go with the H6M kit. But you should see similar gains to what you see in this thread.

Baja Designs Squadron LED is the brightest headlight that still has a number plate. I've got one, had HID before

The issue is that stock your bike has AC power to the headlight, Quality LEDs and any HID will require DC power.

There is or IMO never be a LED plug in bulb that will do much. LEDs require special optics and design criteria.

You can float the ground on your stock stator and get good dc power, another thought would be to run some good LED aux lights straight from the battery. Your system will support 20 watts.

Many guys race with 2 of our NXG LEDs mounted to the barkbusters, others have mounted a single pod into there stock headlight mask.


Another bar mounted light drawing only 15 watts


Yeah, you need DC power before you can even think of doing anything.

If you want cheap and easy get a helmet light

I stand corrected. You do need to modify your stator or get a full DC stator. I ordered a stator upgrade from Trailtech.

I will be at around $161 for the stator and HID. I am sure this will be enough light for my needs. Night trail and fire road riding. I did not want to spend even this much for something that should have been adequate from the factory. But it is what it is.

My 03 had an H4 bulb. A normal automotive bulb in the factory housing was plenty of light for my needs.

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