Removing pitting/corrosion on the frame.


Hey guys, just picked up a '12 YZ450F. Overall the bike is in good shape but for some reason there is a fair amount of rust on the thing, I assume maybe it was kept outside?

What I'm worried about is the pitting/corrosion on the front of the frame under the radiators. It's just small surface spots but I was wondering what is a good way of removing the stuff without taking a chance of damaging the rest of the finish. It's not really anything more than a cosmetic issue but it is unslightly and annoying to look at. It's virtually a brand new bike, I want it to look like it.

Any ideas?


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I got Whibley's 12 yz, ridden hard, pressure washed and put away wet, while you have time do all linkage and steering bearing, just grease real good, not replace, but the easiest way I keep frame up is WD-40 and scotch brite, if real bad they make real fine grit sanding sponge at harbor freight along with the WD-40.



Sweet, thanks for the tip.

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