Milky stuff from breather??

Hey guys,

I went riding last weekend and when i stopped for a rest i noticed some mily white fluid comin from my crank case breather hose. i've never seen this before, I've had the bike almost two years and i ride it at least once a week. Has anybody else experienced this? or have any idea as to what it is? thanks for any info.



It's probably oil mixed with water (get's a white color!).

It is normal that there is a little bit of oil. Where the water came from? Maybe you cleaned your bike before riding? If it ain't to much, i think it's no problem.

I have experienced the same thing (Almost every time I ride).


Amador - No to worry it's normal, the YZ has high performance engine with high compression, there will be some 'blow by' this will then vent into your cylinder breather hose.

don't just sign off on this...change oil...check clutch...if it still happens theres a seal going bad...white milky oil does'nt lubricate very well

I agree with 99400f. Some oil at the breather is normal, but white milky color isn't. Find out why it is milky in color. It may be that you crossed some water on your ride and the oil at the end of the breather just got mixed with the water. Or it could be something like a bad water pump seal, etc.. Even if the color goes away you should find the source (and probably change the oil and check your coolant level for good measure).

So if I change the oil and it's normal, am I OK? I was crossing a lot of water on my ride. The coolant is fine I checked that already. Thanks guys! You always help out!


If it was water, and the engine runs long enough then the water will steam out. You should still change the oil, but it is possible that it won't be milky if the engine was run for a while. If it has been sitting long enough and there is still water in it then the water will come out first when you drain it (oil and water will separate, water on bottom).

If you crossed a lot of water while riding then I'm guessing that you sucked up some water from the trail somehow. Still keep an eye on the coolant, but if this is the case then you should be OK with an oil change.

I agree with changing the oil to be safe. Ride the bike, 10 mins. check the oil once again. If the color is still milky, you have a problem. I too would start at the water pump. This is a very good starting point.

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Yeh, I sunk my bike last week in a 5 foot deep sippy hole down here in Florida ( Don't Ask!! ) and changed my oil two times. I'm still getting that "WATOIL" crap dripping out of my breather. Keep checking it. If it continues after a non-water ride you probably have a problem.

his happened to me. I changed the oild and found milky white oil. What happened is the water pump seal and blown and the water was crossing into the oil passed the water pump shaft seal. Had to change out the seal and the problem was fixed.

Be careful with the rod remove it properly.


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