Bike won't turn over

I've bought a dirt bike and when I kick the kick start it goes all the way down but doesn't turn engine over and some time it does and also kick start locks come times and doesn't kick down whats the problem in my bike ?

How do you know it isn't turning over? Could it be turning over, but has no compression? Spark plug missing? Kick start gear broken?

Nope but it starts some times so kick start gear cant be broken and it sparks check with the tester and there much be compression as it starts but i have to keep kicking and the waiting and kick again and it fires up but its just that when i kick most of the time it just goes

What make/model/year?

Is it an older honda ?

No its a xsport bike i thinks its got a lifan engine in it but I worked it out when I loosen the cluch it would turn the engine but still have the problem where kick start gets stuck some times.but it turns over engine now

Bad kicker gear

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