help with flywheel weight

I'm thinking about putting a flywheel weight on my 2000 model but I would like one that is a complete unit so I can change back and forth...Could ya'll give me some advise on what size and brand works best...any information would help. I did search this and got some good information but wanted the latest on what people thought now that they had it for awhile.....

When I asked the same question of my local racing guru, he

immediatly responded "Ty Davis" While I haven't tried one either,

I'm looking to decrease the stallability of the bike while not changing

the power delivery significantly. I'll be watching this thread too...

I have run a 10oz stealthy since 2000. If riding woods exclusively I would reccommend the 12 oz. However for motocross and general play riding 10oz works great, hardly notice except stall factor diminishes. My opinion,mx 10oz 50Tor51T rear sprocket hot setup stock motor. HS. 12oz 51or52rear sprocket.

i had the same dilema ended up going with the 12oz

works great for woods,i don't mx anymore but am agressive in the woods and is perfect,no more stalling unless "I" get stupid(well more stupid)

bought mine through my local dealer from white brothers and it is removable but,i'm never taking it off.hopr this helps good luck

I would agree 100% with FOX 426. I have a 01' with a 12 oz. stealthy and a 51 tooth rear sprocket. Works great in the woods, no stalling unless stupidity comes into play.

The bike is still fast as stink and will top out at a higher speed than my friends CR 250.


Ditto on what fox426 said. I have been running the Stealthy 10oz with a 52T rear on both XC & MX and noticed very little difference.

I run a White Bros 8oz weight and find no reason to want it removed. It works fine everywhere.

Less prone to stall, plenty of snap for moto, just enough chuggability (just made that one up) for the really tight trails.

Just concurring with the "12oz" guys. I have the Steahly complete unit ($199) so I can swap back out if I want to the stock flywheel. I ride mostly woods and the 12oz eliminated any stalling problems and didn't take away from the power. Easy to install and definitely recomend. Only change I make for MX track riding is rear sprocket for gearing.

Once more I concur as well. I have a 2000 with a Steahly 14oz. weight. I totaly love it. More traction, still as snappy as it was but NO MORE STALLING!!!! I paid $199 straight from Steahly. Install took an hour the first time and 15 minutes the second time. I bought the flywheel puller from Steahly for $10, you must have this tool.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend buying a Kona Flywheel holding tool. Its $30 but it makes getting the flywheel nut torqued so easy! I pulled the nut off with a air ratchet easy but tightening was a bitch. What I did the 1st time was a drop or Loctite Red and rattle the nut back on. Later I got the tool and retorqed it. I must say, it was fine after I rattled it on the first time anyway but I wanted to be sure. I will email you pics of the stock side by side with the steahly unit if you want.

Roostn in Denver

hey roostn that would be great on the pictures.. why did you go with the 14oz, I was thinking about a 12oz one. do you have a web site for steahly my e-mail is

I have a flywheel on my YZ and love it.

However I will be yanking the whole shabang to put in a WR stator/flywheel soon.

I'll post it here for sale when I do.

Mxcowboy, The phone number for steahly is 1-800-800-2363 $199ea. 10oz.12oz.or14oz. on new flywheel. ~Hitman~

the ty davis flywheel weights are awesome. I got a 14 oz and think it litterally made my power curve a straight line from 0 - max RPM's. Which is cool. But on the MX track the stock one will feel faster but I bet you can put better lap times with a heavy flywheel. Espesially in the woods it is a total neccessity. All of the Ty Davis stuff is quality.

I too have been running the Steahly 12oz. weight. Absolutely, positively the best add on for the 426 - easier starting, less stalling, etc. Just get it. Call up Chuck Steahly at: 800-800-2363 and tell him Tom N. from Hillsboro sent ya!


Thanks for everybody's input because I've decided and ordered the Steahly 12oz. weight. thanks again

just bought a 10oz stealy complete flywheel from my local shop $149.99...later

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