Putting a key on a 2012 WR450

Ive got a dual sported 2012 WR450 that I need to put a key on. Im tired of carrying a bike lock around when I go for a ride into town. Has anybody done this before?

I just did this on my 2008. The wiring might be the same.

Option 1:

On the 2008, there it an "on" button. It has 4 wires. The top two are for the button/ switch. The other two are for the LED. The power for the switch is the top terminal closer to the tank. Connecting the two wires powers up the electrical on the bike and allows it it start.

The bottom two are for the LED, and could be used to power accessories when the bike is on. The 2008 puts a full 12 volts to the LED.

Option 2:

If the key switch supports an off wired position ( the switch will have 4 wires ) you could replace the kill switch with the key. I don't think this is as good, but it is a solution. When the key is in the off position, the kill switch will get power ( YES - Connect the two terminals together ). The down side of this is you can still kill your battery if the key is off since the bike can still be on. Just the coil ( or some other part of engine electrical?) will not be on....

On both terminals, they use sunitomo (sp?) connectors. I was able to make my own replacement terminal for option 1 by filing down to make it thinner, a narrow terminal I got at radio shack. Then I used silicone to seal it in and be waterproof..

The pic shows the connector for the on/ off button switch. It's the bottom connector.

Hope that helps-



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awesome! Thats exactly what i was looking for, thanks for the help.

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