Lights not working

I have a 98 XR400 the head light brake light and turn signals are not working. First the head light went then the rest followed a few days later. Any thoughts on what could be causing the problem?

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First off, the XR doesn't come with turn signals, so you need to tell us what aftermarket kit or if it's a DIY fabrication? As we have no way of knowing what the wiring is like.

You certainly want to look for loose connections, poor grounds, frayed wiring, etc.

What is the voltage when the bike is running? It could be a bad voltage regulator.

If it has a baja designs street legal kit, I would pull the seat off and check the grounds right above the air box. When they installed my street legal kit many years ago, baja designs did a very poor job of properly securing the ground wires to the frame. I redid my grounds all my lighting issues went away. At least if you get the grounds out of the way first, you can then move on to the more expensive stuff.

I have 10 to 11 volts.

I don't know what kit was put on I just bought the bike 2 months ago.

I have 10 to 11 volts.

When you rev the engine, does the voltage increase?

A good battery should hold between 13-13.5 volts.

Can you see any info on the battery or lighting components that might give a clue as to what kit/whos components they are?

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This model does not have a battery. I was thinking the stator could be one of the problems.

This model does not have a battery. I was thinking the stator could be one of the problems.

Are you just assuming it has no battery or have you not located one? I know they don't come stock with one but many aftermarket lighting kits have you retrofit one. If no battery, then have you found a capacitor? If no capacitor, then look at the regulator to see if you tell if its stock.

Whoever put the components on may have opted to run everything on AC.

Are the blinkers regular incandescent or LED? Make sure bulbs not burned out..

There's a ground wire behind the headlight from the stock wiring harness. It's a double bullet type connector and is notorious for being the cause of many a electrical problems. Make sure its intact, not corroded, making good connections.

The brake light and rear turn signals are incandescent and the front turn signals and headlight are led. The front signals still turn on but they are very dull. I'll check the ground up front

It sounds like someone pieced your system together from parts here and there. If you can post a picture it might help someone identify your components.

Does the wiring look professional or like a rats nest?

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