Some one please tell me the differences of the 2007 Yz450f carb than 99 yz400f carb

The '07 carb is the fourth or fifth significant revision of the basic FCR design since the '99 model. It's much more sophisticated in a number of specific ways.

Physically they're very similar, and can be interchanged with very little work.

Thanks. But with the 400 air box will it reach??

Yes. But you need to clamp the air boot on the carb first, then pull the carb forward and clamp it in the mounting sleeve.

An everything else will just hook up right of you have the 450 throttle cables?

Same throttle cables as 400?

No, you need the 450 throttle cables and the complete hot start from plunger to lever from the 450 as well.

Why do I feel like I've answered this question 6 times in the last two weeks?

I found out about the carb change. An it Really interested me. Sorry for all the questions. I didnt want to buy something an have it not fit or not work for my bike.

No problem. But using the search function could connect you to all kinds of previous posts on this subject.

Im new to TT. So i did not know there was a search.

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