Front wheel and rotor

Okay, two things in one, I recently bent my front rotor on my bike, I took the wheel off and me and a friend bent it back to about .002-.003 runout, it doesnt grab but it still rubs the pads...the bike is about due for front brake pads, but I think when I replace them with new ones it WILL grab...should I try to straighten more or just buy another one? If so is there anybody out there with one laying around for cheap or a good place in mind to get one from? Next is there supposed to be any play from side to side in the front wheel? It is very little but yet is does have some? thanks for the input people!!!

I'd say save your allowance and invest in an oversized rotor, this along with the "BK mod" are probably the two biggest improvements one could do to a 426 (except maybe a Thunder Alley pipe and shaving 20 lbs). An oversized rotor will increase your stopping ability by what will feel like 100%. I don't know anything about your current rotor woes or the free play in the wheel.

Your right about the oversized rotor, I have the 280mm EBC one, the beast will stop now, and I mean in a hurry.

Its have been my experiance, that once a rotor gets bent, use it as a frisbie. I would think that they need to be perfectly straight.

Thumpy is right, go oversized, and get a new ss brake line, Honda Style. You'll be happy you did.

<font color="navy">I recently had to replace my rotor and brake pads. I went with the EBC oversized rotor and new EBC brake pads. $135 total at Magic Racing in Utica, MI. Now, if I wanted to :) I could endo the bike by using only the front brake. The braking power is unbelievable compared to stock. Definately go with the oversized unit.

Hey-if you are going to replace the rotor then I would definately put on an oversized rotor. You will enjoy the feeling of it. Also if there is any play in the front wheel it might be time to replace the bearings. Just my $0.02


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