? for F-Piolt

F-Piolt I noticed from researching past post that you have used both 50t rear sprocket and a51T. Please give me some input.

Currently running a 51, thinking I preferred the 50 because on a couple tracks I seem to be revving the bike more than I normally do. It does chug along better on tight trails with the 51. I'll be going back to the 50 when this one wears out.

The problem I had with the stock 49 was too tall first gear for trails and on tight tracks I would drop to first gear in 180 turns and sometime hit neutral on my upshift out of the turn causing me to almost endo on the following jump.

Thanks for reply. I'm leaning towards the 51T because of extra snap and while I do have to get in 5th on a couple of straits, even with the 52 I do not top it out. Guess I'm just slow. By the way I like your Pictures. Is that a Renthal gold aluminum sprocket your using? How do they hold up?

Hey there, sorry to butt in but I also run a 51 on my bike. I run a couple of tracks here, one being long and one very tight. the 51 works very well for me, it definately has the "snap" out of the corner and I usually dont go down lower than 2nd gear. I also do some trail riding and it is wonderful when in the trees. On the long track I still can get all the speed I want on the straights... just my thoughts.

Yes it's a Renthal but not gold.

I don't think they last much longer than any others, about 3-6 months.

Steel are the only ones that really last a long time but I've never tried the new stainless sidewinder so that may be an option to consider. They are $$$$ though.

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