Silent Inserts? Please help me...

Has anyone removed their stock baffle and replaced it with the Pro Moto Billet "Silent Insert" on a wr400? My Dad says his bike is too loud, so I was thinking of buying this for him for Christmas....Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...

I have run the Baja Vortip and GYR-T. They will cut the sound of an open pipe in half. They do reduce preformance but are a good compromise. DB output on a WR will be about 92. I thought the GYR-T had better top end, looked better and also cost much less than the Baja. I have heard good things about the Pro Moto but have not tried it myself.

I run a vortip when I have to, but they really take away from the power. Well made and quiet though!!(expensive too).

I run a vortip when I have to, but they really take away from the power. Well made and quiet though

I totally agree with this. I went ahead and spent the money on a FMF Q system. Power is better but its $$$$$

I replaced the vortip on my son's 2002 WR250F with the Pro Moto silent insert. It is around the claimed 96db and feels stronger than the vortip as far as power goes. As with all the PMB stuff I have, the quality and service are excellent.

I've run the GYRT and now have the PMB insert in my WR. I settled on the PMB but the bike does run hotter.

How does the FMF Q compare to the open, stock pipe? How much lighter is it?

How does the FMF Q compare to the open, stock pipe? How much lighter is it?

It feels like it doesn't rev as far, I feel like I have to shift more often. When it's in its sweet spot it makes as much as the open stock set up. I actually put my stocker back on last weekend for some MX riding to confirm this.

I'm not sure on the exact weight but the Q is lighter by a bit. I would guess at least a few pounds.

I just installed the PMB on my WR450, and it is a big improvement over the stock insert. Still not as strong as the open pipe, but a lot less noise which keeps the neighbors happy. And as mentioned above, the service from PMB was excellent...

I had the GYT and the PMB. I sold the GYT, the bike seemed to run much better with the PMB.

I should say when I run the stocker its without the insert, just open.

Thanks alot guys! I think for $40 PMB sounds like a great deal.

I've got a PMB with silent insert for sale if you're interested, used only once. PM me if interested.

I ran a pmb on my 02wr426 it was a little restictive but ran good and met the 96bds laws in calif.In fact I have one if somebody wants to buy one I bought a w/b E series. For 25-30 bucks I will sell u pay shipping I used it once one ride. :)


Thanks for posting again, I have missed your avatar. :)

Do you still have the insert? Will it fit my WR450?

I still have an insert out of my 02 wr 426 I think it is the same as a 450 but I am not sure u should check with yamaha and find out let me know if u want it. :)

I decided to mess around and try making something that was a little less restrictive. This is 1.25" copper tubing with a 45 degree street elbow. My dad machined a collar that fits into the stock exhaust. It's quite a bit quieter than stock, not as quiet as the PMB. Overall, power is much better than with the PMB insert.



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