Clutch noise, Help

Hi I have a 2009 wr450 that with bike running in nuetral i hear a noise comming from the clutch (rattling), when i pull the clutch lever the noise goes away, if anyone can tell me why would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Without hearing the noise it could be normal or a worn clutch basket, plates or more. Upload a video or we'll simply be guessing.

All my bikes I've ever owned in 30+ years, even my nw 450 mile old brand new CBR600RR I bought 3weeks ago make "some" clutch noise that changes with the clutch being pulled in vs. out. Does the clutch work fine? Any issues shifting? Does it hang up or anything?

My WR is a noisy clutch at idle, made worse by the aluminum skid plate. But all is normal with it.

I have an 08 and it does the same thing. It's just the nature of the beast.

No worries.

Just :ride:


I noticed the same noise on my bike yesterday after riding. Got me worried until I read this post. I know manual clutches can be noisy on trucks, and this seemed to be similar to me. Pull the clutch in and its gets quieter.. But man, these bikes are noisy. Keep telling myself to ignore it. But I know as soon as I don't pay attention it will be the "big one"..



Thanks all good to see the noise is normal was a bit worried something was wrong internally. Once again thanks.

I also have this noise on my 2012 WR450. It freaked me out at first but I've been told by a few people that its normal, and will get louder once a metal skid plate goes on.

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