Dynasplint for wrist injury

Broke my wrist badly 3 months ago and my PT is planning to fit me with a Dynasplint dynamic splint. These splints apply a constant load to wrist to try to help improve range of motion. Has anyone used a Dynasplint and if so, how much did it help? Dynasplint makes dynamic splints for a wide range of joint/connective tissue injuries. See their website at http://www.dynasplint.com/index.html

Sure hope the splint helps. I can only get my palm to move from palm down to palm verical (90% of movement) when holding my arm straight out. The goal is to get the palm to go from palm down to palm up (180% of movement). I also have very limited movement bending my hand back toward me at the wrist with my are extended straight out and my hand palm down.


Glad you are comming along!

I would have loved to try one of those for my rehab.

I was (am) in the same boat, cannot turn all the way up. My PT would get up and sit on my hand and wrist with all (OK, not all) his weight and with much painful streching and work we would get it very close to a full range of motion. But then the next morning I would loose the added mobility.

I would definatly try it. You will work too hard in PT to get those gains in flexability and it is very disappointing when they go away...

Dave S

Paul, that splint might be useful. There is a similar device on the market that may be a lot cheaper. It is a wrist exerciser. I have one at home and will look for it to get the name.

After wasting both wrists in '95, they function just enough for me to ride. The left is the worst. The biggest problem is I have 0* extension. That means the wrist will not bend back at all. So when it does try to bend back, it tries to rip my thumb off instead. This is a recurring problem/injury for me. My supination is almost flat (palm up), but my pronation is only about 100* (palm down).

My fingers are also mangled from this and other injuries, so I can barely hold on. The best thing about that is it prevents arm pump. I hope your final result is better than mine.

Guess I'm not alone with the wrist injury. My ortho surgeon approved the Dynasplint yesterday and I hope to get the splint today or next Tuesday. I'll let you know how "GOOD" it feels when I do.

Scott, how do you ride at all, guess you have to keep a fairly loose grip for the most part. I have a Dynaflex gyroscopic ball that I plan to use as soon as I can hold onto to it, but I think it might be more for strenghtening than range of motion. http://www.prolithic.com/hpages/trn_acc/dynabee.html

Dave, twice a week my PT leans on me and twists my wrist hard 3 reps at a time and I about pass out each time. I know what you mean, every morning it seems like I start over from scratch - really discouraging.

After reading this post, I am now wondering if there is a product out there (like knee-braces) that might prevent these kinds of injuries on healthy wrists?


You know sometimes after a good PT session, I would feel like I could take on the world! It gave me an oppourtunity to see how far away your threshold of pain can really be.

Scott is right, when I start to pump out it is always my left arm and my right which is 1.5 yrs out of an external fixator almost never pumps up!

Glad you are making progress, keep it up because you have a windows of oppourtunity here. Think of the pain as an investment because it is!

Dave S

Well I'm wearing my StarWars looking Dynasplint as I type this. It's not pictured on the Dynasplint website yet because it's new. It looks like an open aluminum cylinder. There is an inner open cylinder with a hand-rest suspended in the middle on 2 crossbraces which rotates to various angles and pins into place onto the outer cylinder. Somehow the inner cylinder is spring-loaded. There is a tension adjusted and I will be moving it .5 degrees each day. There is also an elbow hinge with a velcro stap on it to keep the elbow in place and only allows the wrist to rotate. I have to wear it for 1-3 months 4 hours a day. It's really a trick looking contraption, but I wish I never needed it! I will also be getting another Dynasplint next week to help with wrist extension/flextion, that one I'll wear while sleeping for the next 3 months - it's the one pictured on the Dynasplint website. My advise - don't crash!!!

I have tried the Wedge Scott, my nephew played college basketball and he used one to strengthen his wrists. It sure worked for him.

Glen, if you find wrist braces/protection let us know. Thought about moding rollerblade guards somehow and I think EVS might make some.

Originally posted by Scott F:

Paul, the wrist exerciser I referred to is the Marcy Wedge XE.


Where can I get one of those things

Paul, the wrist exerciser I referred to is the Marcy Wedge XE. It moves like a wrist curl motion, but the good part is it can put a "preload" on your wrist while you sit around watching TV and getting fat.

I ride in spite of my injuries because I am (choose one) too stubborn, too stupid, too addicted to quit. The only plus side to these type of hand/wrist injuries is it prevents armpump because you can't grip as tight.

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