WR 400 1998 jumps out of 3rd gear.

Hi guys

recently bought an old 1998 WR 400, runs great, but it pulls out/ goes to neutral when shifting to third gear. previous owner showed and told me that he had the same problem and he had opened up the gearbox to find that the 2nd gear missed two "teeths" and it was therefore replaced everything else was checked and no problems were found. i bought in a state where it wouldnt start so i couldnt test it (usual carb problems) it starts and runs great now but 3rd gear keeps bugging. my question since im new to these bikes what is to expect to get this fixed? is it large operation/expensive? common problem?

Hope you understand my english im from Denmark so it could be a bit rusty!

Thanks alot!

// Anders :thumbsup:

The shift fork is bent. You're going to need to open up the cases again.

JDlowrance thought so, just removed the engine from the frame today. getting in opened and giving it a full check while its out.


The shift fork is bent. You're going to need to open up the cases again.

Be sure to fix what bent the fork, too. You're going to need the 5th and 3rd gears on the countershaft. The locking lugs are worn, and the drive load is forcing the 5th gear away from third against the fork, causing it to bend, which then aggravates the problem.

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