Injectioneering YZ450 throttle body modification review

As a follow up to my original post, I finally got a chance to ride my bike after the Injectioneering mod. Before riding I reinstalled the stock throttle tube (initially had the G2 throttle tamer) and the stock 2012 tune. My main objective was to reduce or eliminate the whiskey throttle nature of the bike and for this the mod was a success. Throttle response was every bit as responsive as stock but with much better control from 0-1/8th throttle.

The bike started better hot and cold.

The bike didn't flame out once. Before the mod I could count on at least one flame out per ride and then a kick fest to get restarted. Not so with the injectioneering modified TB.

The bike ran hard. So hard that I installed the "off road" tune after the 30 minutes of riding. Through out the rev range the bike felt stronger but was easier to lug.

It was after I went to the off road tune that I realized how much of a difference the way the power was put down with the different tunes affected the way the bike handled. With the stock tune the front end was light even with the engine relocate. With the off road tune the bike didn't try to tote the front wheel with every twist of the grip and added a composure that I didn't notice before the mod. Stock it pulled hard but not this hard.

I love this bike for the off road riding I am doing now. It may not be the most up to date for motocross but off road this bike is killer. The Injectioneering mod was well worth the effort, money and time invested.

I gotta say, I am loving this modification! I raced this past weekend and felt real comfortable with the bike and the way the power was delivered. I love power but it was hard to control the throttle coming out of a turn, especially when the track dried out or was real slick right after they watered. This just gives you the confidence to twist the throttle coming out of a turn because you know it won't be abrupt.

I would definitely say this mod is well worth the money spent. Even for MX racing!

I think I am sold. As soon as my yz250smokey is back together my throttle body is coming off. Thanks for the reviews guys

Although I have not got to ride with my Injectioneering modified throttle body, I have to say that dealing with the owner of Injectioneering, Wade Wilcox, was a pleasure. The work was completed in the time frame he said, and there were no problems what so ever. If you are considering this mod I would recommend him without reservation. Also I was able to take my bike for a lil putt around, and it has lost that initial jerk when cracking open the throttle and appears to have enhanced the initial response of the powerband like gofaster450 said. Looking forward to getting out on the MX track, as I also put the Steahly 9 oz. flywheel in it too.

Sounds just like what I am looking for. Thanks. Ill post my review when I get it done. I bent a shift fork and took out the transmission in my yz250. So when its fixed Ill be riding it while the 450s throttle body is getting worked on.

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