2000 yz125 kistarter problems

Well my buddy was out riding and he layed the bike over an the kickstarter seemed to not want to retract back up. So we kicked it over rode then now it doesn't retract at all. I have to manually pull it up an it doesn't wanna catch an till almost the end of the kick.

What could have happened? What parts am I gonna need? I've never worked on a yz125 motor . Any help would be awesome I'm going to tear into it tonight after work just wonderin what to expect. Or if this is a common thing?

This is his first bike an he's learning but illbe workin on his bike since he keeps it at my house an he's mechanically challenged lol

Really nothing? Well I guess ill jut got at it blind then. Got a Manuel just wondered if anyone else has had this problem....

How about waiting a bit longer? After all most of us do have to work to make a few bucks.

Lol I know this on the other forums ppl usually reply pretty quick or it dies fast. But great response. I guess its true what they say about u Yamaha guys. Lol

Sounds like your return spring could have busted

So I found these two peices floating around I'm thinking it goes on the kickstarter assembly doesn't look like it did any internal damaged. The outer case is cracked from the drain plug all the way down the left side. Urg what u think?

I'm really curious to what peices they are I'm pretty sure its the last washer an retaining clip???







Looks like the retaining washer thing from your clutch basket to me. Whoever had it off last didn't replace this 50 cent part. Tisk tisk lol. I'm guessing that got jammed in your starter shaft

But now after looking at the pics it looks like the retaining washer is still on your basket so maybe it's from something else. I have the same motor and I'm in the middle of a teardown and I think the only one of those in there I may be wrong though. Best way to find out where it came from is get a service manual and it will tell you what goes where as its fairly hard for us to know without having our own hands in the motor. If you don't have one there's a slicked thread on the yami 3 stroke page

2 stroke*

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