Transword Motocross Mag.

Does anyone out there subscribe to this mag.? The reason I ask is I was told a buddy of mine that went to the Southwick National with me has his picture in the November issue. If you have this issue just look for the newest member of the Mullet of the Month club. He is supposed to be munching on a hamburger and has a bleach blonde mullet. Would like to get my hands on this picture. I can think of many, many, many good uses for it!!!

Thanks Jon


I have the issue and found the picture you are talking about, my brother has a scanner or you could give me your address and I will mail the page to you.

I want to do my part in making fun of the mullet people.

I also have that picture, pretty damn funny!

Hey thanks SMP! That would be cool if you could mail it to me. My address is I can't wait to get it and have some fun. After a few mods I'll be sure to post it here for all to see.

Thanks again, Jon

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