HELP!!!wr 426 engine noise & metal shavings in oil

i purchased a used wr426 about 1 year ago. a couple months ago i started hearing weird noises coming from the engine area. i only ride once or twice a month with a fried of mine here in north central florida. the air filter gets cleaned every 2nd or 3rd ride and have changed the oil twice. rite after i heard the engine noise the first time i took it to a local shop and the mechanic said it was probably chain slap i was hearing and that it sounded fine to him. being this my first four stroke dirt bike i said okay. But heres what scares me. The sound is more evident the last few rides especially when lugging (what i call running at low rpm and slowly applying throttle) and possibly more so when warmed up. And when i just changed the oil there was a lot of metal shavings on the filter. a friend of mine said just let it blow and buy a used motor because it would be cheaper. that just doesn't sound right to me. I am fairly mechanically inclined and could pull the motor to inpsect an area if i knew were to start. what should i do?

ps i haven't notice any loss of power if that matters.

Well, unsure of the noise, maybe take it back to a dealer to have them take a second listen, especially if its gotten worse, it may be easier to determine if its trouble. As for metal in the filter, I have an 01 WR426 and when I change the filter, I too, found lots of metal bits (about a pinch) and was told this is pretty much normal. :)

If the noise happens at low RPMS its probably chain slap. The chain slider is loose from the factory and can cause wear on the swingarm. You can use foam, old innertubes cut to shape or whatever to take up the extra space. I had a weird noise at low RPMs in the woods, did the chain slider mod and no more noise.

The metal shavings are pretty normal for a while. It will go away after a while. How many miles are on the bike?

I don't know what your definition of metal is. I have a 02wr, when I change the oil I get silvery cloud in the oil, never had any metal bits before. My oil looks like if you put some antiseeze in the oil & swirled it around, as for the noise I would look at the chain slider, mine was loose & was wearing into the swing arm. I fixed that though. :)

Hey cmore, are you sure you are not getting antifreeze in your oil, ie. head gasket issue? :)

What kind of noise? Is it a ratteling noise or a sqealing noise? As everyone else stated, a little bit of metal shavings in the oil is normal and should go away after a while.

thanks for the quick replys everyone. to be more specific on the noise. it is a metal hitting metal noise. basically a knocking. i use 93 octane. the chain guard and roller look to be in fine shape and look to be in the correct location mounted correctly. when i changed the oil i didn't see any water in the oil just solid metal shavings. ????????????

Your pictures is about the same amount (actually a little less) that I get from both my WR426F and my sons YZ250F. They are both 2002s with low hours.

Your pictures is about the same amount (actually a little less) that I get from both my WR426F and my sons YZ250F. They are both 2002s with low hours.

That's what I've been told. It really isn't that much considering how big the picture is.


I'm still wondering if you're hearing chain slap rather than engine noise. :) After I fixed the chain slider with a piece of innertube, it quieted down the chain slap a bunch.

Hope it's something simple like that :D

as for the picture of metal shavings on filter that looks right on the money and I'll definetly try the innertube suggestion. thanks again everyone!!!

Yea, I'm sure. the oil only has a faint look of silver in . All my bikes that I have ever had, all had the same look. 2 warriors,yz125 trans, klr600, banshee trans. I'm a mechanic by profession. I believe that changing your oil often is the key to longevity. OIL IS CHEAP. maintenance bills$$$$ :)

I have never had that much metal on my filter, ever. I change the oil every 3rd ride. no matter how many miles,or hours. In the summer its the 2nd ride, use royal purple 20w50, year round. :):D

Yea, I'm sure. the oil only has a faint look of silver in .

Same with me. As far as the filter, it is nearly spotless. I change oil every 150 miles and do the filter every other change. I am also easy on the clutch. If you are hard on the clutch and using it alot the particles will increase.

I think I'm not so hard on the clutch, maybe thats why I'm still slower than yzman400, but getting closer. :D:)


I normally ride with my 15 yr. old son who on a good day can hang with me on the single tracks. A couple of his friends and there fathers have bikes and go with us sometimes. They are a fair amount slower but fun to ride with. Being the fastest in the group and crashing less they think I haul ass, and I was beginning to think the same. Riding by myself this fall on the GT Trail I hooked up with two guys from Ohio. About 30 yrs. old, YZF426 and RM250. We decided to ride together and asked me to lead because I knew the trail. I hammered it (for me) for about 15 minutes and they stayed right with me. The YZF then led for the next section and we all stayed together. I'm feeling pretty good at 48 yrs. old running with the young guys. Switched again and the RM led the way and instantly he was gone. He would stop every fiew minutes and let us catch up and bang, gone again. That guy could fly. Former Motocrosser now just doing Enduros and trails. I asked him to run at a pace that I could keep up with for a bit so I could pick up a thing or two. He would rotate between my pace and his. I learned alot watching him move around on the bike, his line etc. That 3 hour ride I learned more and improved more than 20 hours of normal riding. It certantly caused me to push hard and go beyond my comfort zone. Before that day I would not have beleived anyone could run at that pace. Sure was fun to watch. Keep pushing it and someday maybe you will have to wait for the YZman to catch up. :)

I am also having the same problem with the silvery looking oil and the metal on metal noise. But I am having another problem maybe you veteran riders can help me with. I to bought a used 02 wr426. When I'm in 5th gear and really getting on it it seems to want to crap out on me. Its like there's a governor on it or something. I had a few people tell me that its a tranny thing and that it needs rebuilt. $600 to start. Any suggestions out there on what you might think is greatly needed.

My 01 WR426 did the same thing on the top end pegged out

and the weird thing was it didn't do it all the time so

I cut the gray wire and it quit acting up on the top end.

Jerry :)

Mine does it every time.

Have you cut the throttle screw ? also they seem to run lean

on the top end they have a lot of great info on jetting here. :)

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