HELP!!!wr 426 engine noise & metal shavings in oil

I have not done anything to it yet. I want to get as much information as possible before I start messing with it

I am also having the same problem with the silvery looking oil and the metal on metal noise. But I am having another problem maybe you veteran riders can help me with. I to bought a used 02 wr426. When I'm in 5th gear and really getting on it it seems to want to crap out on me. Its like there's a governor on it or something. I had a few people tell me that its a tranny thing and that it needs rebuilt. $600 to start. Any suggestions out there on what you might think is greatly needed.

Slick, thats usually a "secondary miss", look at all the high voltage stuff. The plug wires goes down the long deep tube, crud in ther ecan make that spark jump through the sides. Check plug condition too. If the plug well drain clear? Thats is the little hole on the RH side of the head. Make sures its clear or water wont drain out. On a warm engine, the water will sweat and bead up and create spark leaks. Usually missfire under heavy loads is that.


The description of your problem sounds familiar to me.

I had something similar happen to me at a big enduro meeting in august with my 2002 250F.

I stopped the trails and rode back to the pits.

In the pits people rode my bike and said: "chain slap".

I wasn't convinced.

Took of the chain and just idled the engine. The noise was still there.

Came home and started looking at what could be wrong. Drained the oil: lots of metal :)

Took of the cam cover, timing was still the way it should be.

When checking the timing I had the two plugs on the ignition cover of. That's when I found it!

The rivets on the flywheel (two pieces rivetted together) had come loose.

If I had not stopped during the race the flywheel would have separated creating pure misery.

Sorry If my explanation is too long, just take out the two plugs on the ignition cover and check for play on the flywheel. Hope this helps.

PS If this is the problem, you'll need a special flywheel puller to get it off. My Yamaha dealer lend me his.

Be careful using this tool!! I didn't and had to buy a new stator too because I wrecked it.

Hope this helps.

Assuming that you don't have something majorly wrong like described above, how are you on the tranny? Metal shavings like shown in the picture above can often be due to gear bangers. Clutch abuse usually does not result in shavings, but rather fiber and metal powder.

As far as maintanence, you should change your oil more and check your valves (I didn't see that you had done this.). A really good and fairly cheap oil is Shell Rotella T. It can be had for like $6.50/gal at Kmart or Walmart, or you can get the synthetic version for $13/gal at Walmart. I have been using them for years and they are both proven in high mileage street bikes. :)

I use the Honda 10/40 GN4 SJ in the 3 4 strokes that I curently own and have had no problems at all :D it's about $13.00 a gallon and works great,plus it gives me a excuse to get to a bike shop.

Jerry :)

John_H, Can you go into a little more detail about the innertube fix. I think my bike has the same problem. rekless :)

Can you go into a little more detail about the innertube fix.

Good writeup with Motomans solution.

Thanx for everyones help on this matter. Now that you mention it. When I changed the plug 2 weeks ago it was rusty as hell. I dont know how well the guy who owned it before me took care of it. Also one of the front forks had water in it. Maybe he submerged in a race or something I dont know. I just got the bike like 6 months ago. Anyway I am going to print all this info on Saturday and start to work on this matter. I will keep all inform as to the outcome

I just cut a piece of innertube and siliconed it to the swingarm. I put a washer under the grommets to compensate for the width of the tube and used lockwashers on the bolts since they tend to fall out.






Others use shoe goo??? and foam rubber per their posts. :)

All I can say is thank god for this article.I have had my bike for few months I have changed the oil like 4-5 times never seen no shavings. This time holy crap just like you guys explained. I about had a heart attack I figured I needed a new motor. THANKS EVERYBODY for all the info. :D:)

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