pickup my 01 WR426 last night.

so far I "uncorked it" (intake box opened, muffler piping pulled, thrittle stop shaved down).

Any other recommendations on increasing HP.

I only rode it so far in the dealers parking lot and it seemed slow. I guess I need to get use to it. I came from a 97 WWR 250 with a Pro Curcuit pipe, boyesen reed and wisco piston. It moved.

Whats the best pipe for HP?

I'll be going to Colorado in July for my wife horse jumping compition and thought i'd bring my bike and ride the mountains. Horse jumping is exciting for about 5 minutes. OK 3 minutes but only when the horse stops and someone go flying off.

Can anyone recommend a trail just south of Denver area?

What is a good speedo/computer?

July huh, who are you going to ride with? Alone, Ill ride with you, if you need company. And there are a few trails south of Denver, the biggest being Rampart Range.


I planned to be going solo, but would love a tour guide. Beers on me. I'll keep you posted. She'll be there for 3 weeks, I'm planing on taking off 9 days, figure 2 days travel here from Dallas. One day to get there and one day back. That should give me 7 days to explore.

The only down side is, I'll have to come back to Dallas and riding he will never compare to Colorado.


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