Best aluminum sprocket

Which aluminum rear sprocket holds up the best? I would like to get at least 100 hrs or so on one.I'm not especially hard on them and run a top of the line x ring chain. I've got almost 150 hrs on a sunstar steel with no signs of wear. Will any aluminum sprocket come close to this?


Everyone seems to have different results with aluminum sprocket wear.

I think they may have something to do with how clean the chain and sprocket are kept, and more importantly, how well lubed they are.

I ran the stock sprocket, which is also aluminum for many hours with no problems. Then I switched up to a 51 tooth Renthal that has taken on many hours of serious abuse.

However, I don't fan the clutch on this bike and my style is very smooth, so perhaps a maniac style of riding would prove otherwise.


A too tight chain and lots of sandy grit on the chain will also bring an early death to the sprocket.

Long lasting aluminum sprocket, that's an oxy-moron! I go through a Renthal in about 20-30 hours of track time. I'm thinkin about trying the "tool steel" sidewinder sproket out next. I too have an x-ring chain and don't care for it at all. I'm going to switch to sidewinder's chain as well. I can lube the hell out of my x-ring and it'll still kink up and not let the rear wheel spin smoothly. I think those x-ring chains have much more drag than a regular chain and really don't offer any better lube characteristics for the loss of performance due to drag. So, I'd stick with a steel sprocket and run a regular non 0-ring/x-ring chain and be miles ahead in both performance and wear. That's a lot for just .02 cents isn't it?

I think the steel sunstar would be your best bet for the life (and money). I screwed up and got the stainless Sidewinder rear sprocket last time. It is now starting to hook and show wear. I probably have 100 hours on it. Very overpriced for what you get. That is all I can say. The front Sidewinder chromoly sprocket wore out much faster than previous JT or Sunstar sprockets have. I don't want to see anyone get ripped off....

Hope this helps.


Wow! Thanks Tim, I was thinkin about going with the sidewinder for my bike, now I'll have to reconsider.

Yea, I seem to go through like 2 a year. I've tried Renthal, AFAM and Sunstar they all seem to be about the same on wear time. I think the quality of the chain has a lot to do with it, as well as the tension and keeping things lubed. This sport ain't cheap...

Afam!! I use them for dirt and R.R. Never had any problems or premature wear (can't say the same for others). Plus, they're literally across the street from me :)

one that does'nt wear out

I will second what ScottF said. Get any quality sprokets and chain, then keep the chain clean, lubed, and adjusted.

I used my stock chain for about 50 feet. That was the trip out of the dealer into the back of my truck. Yes, I rode it. :)

Guess I should weigh in with my $0.02...

I've had great luck with Sprocket Specialists and their Titan Tough


IMHO, steer clear of the Sidewinder. It's all snake-oil and they

won't stand behind their products. I had a friend who was meticulous

with his bike. Bought the a sidewinder rear sprocket. It cracked

outwards from the bolt holes after about 5 rides. SW refused to

replace it. As always, YMMV.


Sprocket Specialist is who I buy all my sprockets from.

Ive been running the same Sidwinder on my CR500 since 1991. The same bike has a Krause O ring chain. Scary part is this bike has been run primarily at Glamis, wide open. I almost cant believe the wear Im getting out of this combo. I changed the coutershaft sprocket once, when it show "a little" wear. But just to make sure I saved the chain. That 500 dyno'ed @ 68 horsepower. Its an absolute beast to ride. Yet the chain lives. Ill tell ya this, when its time, my thumper is getting a Sidewinder and Krause chain combo for sure. :)

Shawn MC: Is that sidewinder sprocket thier Aircraft billet or the stainless steel? Anyone using the Talon groovelight?

My sidewinder is an aluminum sprocket. Ive always used Maxima Chain wax. I really dont know why the thing hasnt worn out. Its seen 5 pistons, 3 paddles and two air cleaners. Must be a fluke. :)

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