rear shock sock??

On my 600, I run a big Bridgestone Gritty tire in the rear, the stock mud flap thing always flaps into it so I removed it. It is also especially bad when I run my paddle tire out at the dunes. I heard there is something called a "shock sock" to help protect the shock from debris getting kicked up by the tire, anyone know about these and where I can get them? :)

I got mine at Chaparral it's not the origanal shock sock from back when but, when I am home I'll see if I still have the part number. Mine is called outer wear I think. For a CR500. works great and you can put it on with the bike together (velcro)

yeah I,ve got one on mine because of the tera flex

So lewisclan, is your an 'outer wear' too from Chaparrel? Do they have a website or something, I like the velcro idea so I won't have to disassemble anything. Thanks. :)

Outerwears became popular for their pre-filters, but now they have other goodies like shock socks, etc. Here's their link and their products are sold at a discount through many dealers.

Yeah it go's over the shock spring , you wont need to take any thing apart . maybe 2min install

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