Maine powerlines? Is that illegal.


So central maine power just did a wonderful job clear cutting the powerlines in southern maine. I live boardering the powerlines and it would make a great place to go for some quick laps every once in a while.

Someone cut a bushwacked trail with a pushmower on the lowest setting and they have ben riding a mountain bike on it, but I'm thinking I'll get into legal trouble with a loud dirtbike on it. I know farther north in eliot (most sourthern town in Maine) people ride snowmobiles on the power lines.

I'm not sure if thats legal either though.

Anybody have any experience or advice on riding on the central maine power lines?

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Are there signs posted? Here in IL the local power company has signs posted no motorized vehicles but people still ride anyway


I ride powerlines all over the state. You will be fine

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