01 426 White Brothers Exhaust

Does anybody see these for sale anymore? I know White Brothers went out of business (or from what I understand they were "absorbed" by Vance and Hines), but is there anybody out there still with new White Brothers pipes for sale on the web??? My cousin runs an E-Series on his XR650 and I love it. I'm currently running an FMF PowerCore on my 426 which is fine, but I was just curious to see if there is a market for these pipes anymore. When I upgraded to the FMF pipe it was one of the only new pipes out there that was still being made for an 01 426. Didn't leave me much of a choice.


I had a White Brother E series did not like it use to melt the rear fender and turn it brown sold it on E-Bay a couple years ago.

Now using an FMF power core head pipe and Q4 muffler I like a lot better than the White Brothers Muffler.

The only 2 things I don't like about the FMF system is the muffler mounting clamps are a pain and the Price LOL and I got at cost.

I have a used white bros pipe. Send you a PM.

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