Done lurking, now official YZ guy..

Just a note of thanks to you guys.

I have been all over the map since I sold my XR650 last year, reading about WRs vs. YZs, how to dualsport both, etc. etc.

Your posts/site is great!

I now have a '99 YZ 400F and LOVE IT!

Its freakin' amazing! Its got a White Bros pipe (OK I am a wimp I bought the quiet core but damn without it my teeth were rattling!), ProTapers, IMS tank and I just bought a Baja Kit and the Electrex WR Stator/Flywheel (they claim no need to change CDI with their kit I will keep you informed).

Anyway thanks for having me!

PS - Going riding Sunday out at the ORV area outside Victorville - anyone ever been?


I live up near Victorville. Where are you going?? Up off of Wild Wash Rd.??? Lots of fun riding in that area.


Man what a cool bike, I started my son on a '70 Z50. Wish I still had it for a pit bike...

Yea you gotta love the Z50. I am still kicking myself for selling the one I got as a kid (see pic)shaneonmini.gif

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