No Spark in 05 YZ450F

Ok guys another problem here. I took care of my petcock and replaced the spark plug when I took the gas tank off. It definitely needed one. But anyway I put a new plug in and when I put it all back together it wouldn't start. Coast starting just made the motor turn over with no spark. Anyone have any ideas? I stuck a screwdriver up the coil and it didn't shock me the least bit. What would you guys replace first?

It used to run, and now it doesn't, so the first place to look is at whatever you worked on. Did you unplug the harness connector from the coil before you pulled the coil off the plug? If so, be sure you got it completely plugged in to the point where it snaps in. Be sure you didn't damage the connector or pull a wire out of a terminal in the connector. Check the coil to see if you might have cracked it while pulling it out.

How do I actually get to the coil in the casing to check it?

The coil is the spark plug "boot", as you know. It's a sealed unit, and you can't get into it. Look for cracks in the plastic outer shell, and check it electrically per the manual.

Hey guys haven't been on in awhile. For anyone with future problems, I used a probe to jump the coil and it seemed to wake it up. It has spark again and is running fine except for the easy overheating problem that I can't seem to shake

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