CRF 450


Let me here it from the guys that have rode one?

Is it worth switching?

I rode one in the Dez, but not on a track.

It's time to get rid of my 99er, I love the hit of the YZ, but?

What do you think?

2000 YZ 250

1999 YZ 400

99 YZ 80

95 RM 125

LT 80

to many kids?

I rode one. It was a nice bike. I initially wasn't crazy about the handling. But that's cause I wasn't use to it and I rode it like a &%$#@! (didn't wannna dump the guys pride & joy). After I rode it the second time, I settled in and really liked it. It starts easy (not as easy as I've read), is much lighter (that's only noticed when you put them on stands) and its build quality is top notch. Overall a very very nice ride. Do I like it better than my 00'426 - hell no - the CRF doesn't have that arm jerking hit. Nor does it's suspension feel as good as mine. Do I feel the urge to sell my 00' just to get a newer thumper - yeah, another blue one. Honestly - the CRF is a nice bike, but for me, the YZ is better. A lot of people are attracted to the Honda just because it's the newest one - most of them won't admit to that - but there out there. Now that I said that - a bunch of Honda dudes are gonna jump my ass. Settle down Honda guys, I said it was a nice ride. Anyway - you'll have to ride one and see for yourself if you could justify selling you 99'400 to get the 450. I can't.



[ November 28, 2001: Message edited by: Odie ]

I own a 2000 426 and am just getting broke in on my new 450. I think they are very different bikes. My YZ is a "ground poundin', rock spittin' bull in a china closet", with a mean mid range hit. Whereas the 450 is a "metered, mild mannerd business man in a tie", with power bottom to top. Which one is better? It's hard to say, the 450 is lighter, starts way easier, is easier for me to pound laps on and probably is the future... but my YZ sure has character. I love my bull!!!

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