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Hi I am a tall lad 6'4 and have a yz450f, i have fitted Fastway footpegs with the low boy mount and am using Renthal rc high bar with a set of bar risers, i just don't seem to be comfortable whilst standing and it feels as though i am not im complete control of the bike. is there anything else i could try to get the feeling right whilst riding.?

What position are your bar clamps? You have the option of moving them to the most forward set mounting holes. The clamps also have an offset, which you can turn around,moving the bars forward also.

The Carmichael High bar is higher than stock, of course, but it doesn't move the riders hands very far forward, if at all. The Windham/RM High bend does move the hands forward as well as up, and IMO, are much more comfortable for most taller riders. My 6'4" son had these on his YZ450 and he was very happy with them.

I am roughly the same height as you. I went with the fastway low boy pegs and pro taper kx high bend bars. After playing around with my bars, I found that rolled one mark back gave me the best comfort vs fatigue. How are you standing on the bike? I used to stand too straight and not in the attack position. This made standing up feel not as controlled.

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meanxr not sure what your are referring to when you say What position are your bar clamps? They are fixed and i can not change them or move them to the most forward set mounting holes. I am standing in the attack position JLB943 but it just does not feel comfortable all the time, are you using riser on your clamps or just standard mounts?

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