Dr. D Pipe for my 01 426

I put the pipe on a couple of weeks ago and I have one race on it so far. All I can say is AWESOME!!! Everything that they have written or said about the pipe is true!!

How much does it cost, and is it as simple as bolting it on? In other words, jetting?

I also have the DRD pipe and agree w/ cahillmd, this pipe totally rips!


It was a little under $400 bucks, but worth it. The construction is top notch and the performance gains make it worth it in the end. A buddy of mine is getting the Thunder Alley pipe soon and Im anxious to see how that compares after all I have read here on TT. Yes, it is simple as bolting it on. It took me about 10min to install and no jetting changes, though I had already lowered the needle by one setting. :)


I agree with your assessment, but I don't experience any bogging off the bottom that seems to be plaguing some of the others that I read about.

I'm looking forward to that comparison (Dr.D & Thunder Alley). They're aren't any visual ques to go by with the Dr.D pipe so I don't know what they're doing to improve flow. The Thunder Alley pipe/philosophy makes a lot of sense and performance. Let us know how that turns out. It's very rare that we get to compare stuff side by side.

the dubach pipe has 4 "step ups" which improves flow, Doug explained it to me..he said he was able to increase flow a little.. but the step ups is the key... he also told me the jetting trick is to use the next size leaner needle.. i put the needle in along with the pipe.... big big big improvement! cleaned up the whole powerband......

Ahhhhhhh Haaaaaaaaa! This principle is very similar to the Thunder Alley philosophy. They use a megaphone to create a vacuum which actually sucks the exhuast out of the head improving flow dramatically. I'd be very curious to see how they perform side by side.

That sounds unusual to lower the needle (lean) on this motor. With a free flow exhaust sure seems more in need of enrichening both low and high? Just Wondering


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