How do you get your bikes so clean ?

How do you guys get your bike so clean ? Like show room condition.

No matter how much effort I put in cleaning up my bike after a mud ride, it never comes close to what you are showing on the "show your bike posts".

Mud sticks in all the tight places. To get rid of that stuff I'd have to take the bike apart every ride and clean every bit and pieces.

BTW it's much easier to clean after I cross a knee deep stream :):D

Is there a miracle way to clean up the bike, beside not riding it :D

I use simple green and careful use of a pressure washer, Some guys here will tell you not to pressure wash, BUT, I have always used this technique with no problems or complaints. I do have to say keep the wand as far away from electronics, and grease seals as possible though!! :)


Hose off the big chunks.

Simple green let sit about 10 minutes, hose off (garden hose)

Then the miracle fix. Mop and Glo. Wipe it on the plastic and buff to a shine.

Alot of guys will tell you not to use simple green. BAH! I use it with no problem. I dillute it about 10:1 in a spray bottle. (if you don't dillute you can mess up the shine on your rims) First I hose off the heavy stuff. Then I spay it down with the green. Let it sit about 10 minutes like stated above. I also fill a bucket with green and water. I have a large soft brissle brush I bought at Wal-mart. I dip in the bucket and scrub her down real good. I also use a rim brush to get into the hard to get spots. Once its all sudsy and scrubed rinse off with plain garden hose. Sart it up and run for about a minute or two. Shakes off alot of water. Then I let it air dry. After dry I spray the whole thing down with black magic tire shine. Not on the grips or controls. Wipe off eccess tire shine, And veola! The tire shine helps the next time because it leaves a coat between the bike and the dirt and makes it easier the next wash.

Careful use of a pressure washer, and a product we get in the UK called 'Muc-off'. Never let me down yet :)

When you ride over here through winter, you get pretty intimate with cleaning mud off your bike :D

Bleach white is the answer. Spray it on all over your bike, let it sit for a minute or two, wash with soap and water. Not the most environmentally friendly substance known to mankind, but it works real good.

Bleach white does work good. I have used that also.

In case someone is wondering it is whitewall cleaner. you will find it in the automotive section.

Soft Scrub with bleach is good also. Although it does dull the plastic. But after a while the plastic dont shine anymore anyways. So what the hey

1] Bring your brand new bike home from the dealer.

2]Park it in a temperature and humidity controlled enclosed room. No natural sunlight allowed [u.V. degredation].

Don't let your friends touch it. Oil from their hands will attract dust, etc.

3] Never ride it.

4] Sell it after a few years. Buy a new bike, repeat steps 1 through 4.

Seriously, I allways admire the photos some of you guys have of your bikes. They're so clean! I would spend that kind of time cleaning a streetbike, but not a dirt bike.

wash off the big stuff with the hose.

spray a half a bottle of simple green all over and let it sit for 10-15.

put some simple green in a bucket of hot water and scrub the bike down with a brush.

rinse off with hose.

dry with a towel and air compressor (controls)

soak the whole engine with WD40.

Thanks to all of you. :)

I have to say that Dan's answer is the most efficient of the lot. May be not the most entertaining, :D , but it sure gets to the point :D:D.

Thanks Dan

I will tell you something that will make life easier on you than just simple green. Go buy a sprayer,(the pump type) in the garden dept. You will be amazed on how fast the product goes on, and no more hand pump! Your welcome. :)

and no more hand pump!

Now you are throwing away a good MX workout for your right hand...unless you are a "Switch Hitter" :)

I'll do just that :)


Many thanks

Now if I can only have my 16 year old son to do the job it would be great :D

Wash a dirt bike? I don't understand what you mean. Can you define this a little better? I am confused. :):D

Wash a dirt bike? I don't understand what you mean. Can you define this a little better? I am confused. :D :D

I know what you mean Dan, the only time I wash mine is when I'm going to roll her into the living room to wrench on her :D:)

I use DAKI all over the bike and rince extensively with gentle water ( using the pressure but far enough...). Then dry with towel and air...

DAKI removes oil and grease as well. You can remove oil spots from almost anything with that: hands, carpet, clothes, anything.

I've never been able to get mine really clean either. I just wash off the big stuff, spray it down with Castrol super clean, let it set for a few then wash it off. After that I spray some WD40 on the chain and I'm done with it.

I wouldn't really follow my advice though as my bike looks like crap. The graphics are peeled off, the plastics are scratched to hell, the frame paint has rubbed off and there are a few nice rock gouges in the swingarm. I thought about getting new plastics but then I thought who cares what it looks like as long as it runs good, which it does. Plus, for the price of plastics and graphics, I can get a brand new set of tires which will help me go fast a lot better than graphics.

One way to give the bike the shine is to use some silicon spray after you wash it. The stuff gets the water out of the hard to reach places. It helps to keep mud from sticking as well. keep it off the brakes, but otherwise, it makes the bikes look good.

I use K&L cycle wash mixed 50/50 w/water. I've used all the other stuff, simple green, S-100, super clean, etc... K&L cycle wash works by far the best. Same application as the others, spray it on and let it sit for about 5 minutes. I usally don't even need to use a rag/brush afterwards.

I also use No-Touch tire dressing to give it that new shine look after it's clean. Keeps the mud from sticking also.


I "Do" use the power washer at work. I select the suds mode for the first go round. Then rinse. But I make sure I keep the pressure away from the vital areas.

After a good washing, I let her drip dry.

When the bike makes it to her stall at my garage she gets the royle treatment of...

1. on the bike stand

2. disassembled to the frame for a complete cleaning.

3. armour-all for the tires and cable caseings.


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