2003 Yz450f?

I currently ride a YZ250F but am looking at getting a bigger bike. I am considering the YZ426F but don't want to get a 2002 if the 2003 model will be increased to a 450 and will make some significant changes to the weight. If there are no plans to change the 426 then I'll probable get a new 2002 but if there are big changes ahead I'll wait until the 2003's.

Any psychic insight into the future would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck,

The so-called insiders here don't have a clue. They tried to predict the 02 model and failed miserably. I would imagine there are only about a dozen people that can answer your question and they're all in the top management of Yamaha and they're not going to tell anyone what their plans are.

Some other food for thought: There's talk the AMA will put a weight restriction (as well as a 450cc displacement restriction) on the thumpers to handicap them in an effort to make the playing field more even. If this is the case, you won't see a lighter 426, but you may see a YZ450. Your guess is as good as mine. :)

Fact is no one knows what the 2003 YZ will be. Do a search on the 2002 model and the ones claiming to know an insider who knows and insider who's brother in law owns Yamaha and you will see what I mean. Only the top people know what that will be, and I don't mean to step on peoples toes but I don't think that covers anyone here. The best you can do is spend $4.99 cents per minute and call Madam Cleo and see what she says. But if you want a good laugh do the search on the predictions for the 2002 model (by those who knew what 2002 would bring us). In my opinion only time will tell just like with this years model.

I will agree that nobody except the upper echelon at Yamaha R&D know whats in store. That said, I can't see Yamaha sitting on their hands while the CRF and KTM520 are both lighter and have larger displacements. They will have to do something in 2003, not that the current YZF line isn't competitve, I still prefer the YZF over both previously mentioned bikes, but consumers for the most part like to buy the latest and greatest. I guess time will tell...


I'm sticking with my 426 at least one more season. If Yamaha doesn't come out with a lighter bike by '03 it will be hard to not take a closer look at the CRF. I don't so much want Yamaha to make a bigger engine, just make the bike lighter. I looked at the CRF today, and some of their lower weight comes from a cheezy tiny little rear brake, and they don't have a skid plate on the bottom. Otherwise I couldn't tell how they save 15 lb's over the YZF...

I love my 2001 YZ 2001 426,BUT... I can feel the weight at the end of a 2-hour Hare Scramble. The CRF looks great ,I was always a Honda guy until the 426.Its 2003 for a new ride and hopefully Yamaha will come through,cuzz I got no problem ridin BLUE!!!!!!

i had to sell my 2000 WR400 a couple weeks ago cuz i couldn't handle the weight anymore. am awaiting a (lighter) 2002 WR250 but can say yamaha better go on a diet real soon for 2003; if you've ridden a 450CRF, you know what i mean; it's thin & feels light as a feather compared to our beloved yammies..... bobwombat

I don't know a whole lot about the CRF motor, but I have to wonder if having one one cam doesn't save at least a couple of pounds. Not only are you minus a cam, but you're minus all that extra material in the head that is required to make it work plus one cam sprocket and a portion of the cam chain. I wonder if Yamaha will try to get 5 valves to work from one cam next year?

I never really noticed the weight of the 426 until the other day when I helped a fallen 125 pilot pick up his bike. I was like WOW, did someone forget to put a motor in this thing or what? I wonder what it would take to get a 400+ cc bike as light as a 125. :)

money and lots of it

Yeah I agree , the 426 needs to be lighter the same as my budys 450f. but the engine is plenty big enough this thing has more power than you can use. I hope for 2003 they make the 250 & the 426 have the same subframe as the 125 & 250. hondas nice cause you can use the same side plates nothing special like our bikes. Ive been looking into fmf's new titanium pipe, its going to be alot lighter than the stock so there's a way to shave some pounds. for now its spend alot of money to shave some weight


forget the weight savings from the titanium FMF pipe, it's not going to make the bike feel any lighter anyway nor is it going to make it run any better. Put your money in a pipe that'll make the bike perform. Read the post about the "Thunder Alley & BK mod combo". We're not saying this pipe is great for nothin, it WORKS! If you've read the pipe shootout article (I think it was in Dirt Bike) you already know none of the aftermarket pipes are any better than the stocker (not worth spending $400.00 anyway). The guys at Thunder Alley are on to something and the proof is in the puddin. In addition, they're the nicest people you could ever hope to deal with.

A friend of mine does testing for the Factory Yamaha R & D department. He has told me there WILL be changes to the YZ426F line for 03. He is sworn to stay silent and will not even give me a hint. He does say that the changes will be good.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The anticipation is killing me!!!!


How about 450cc,electric start + 10kgs lighter.

(from someone who does R+D for Yamaha)

Originally posted by criss:

How about 450cc,electric start + 10kgs lighter.

That sounds great but that is alot of changes for one year. I'll believe that when I see it.


I doubt the YZF will be electric start. That's like bolting on a 10# gym weight. Maybe the WR will have the option or something, but I'll put $10 that the MX version won't be electric start.


I must admit, I'm very scepticle.

1. It seems to be a lot to ask economically, from a business perspective, to add a battery & starter motor, then lighten the overall package by 10kg (BTW, what's that in lbs?), and increase the displacement. That's a lot to change/retool the production line for.

2. Where do you go from there with the 04 & 05 models? More weight loss? Different frame? Bold New Graphics? It's very expensive to continually retool every year, hence the limited changes from the 98 version to current model.

Then again, it really hasn't undergone a major change in a while so it is due....hmmmmm....it would make sense to make these changes and keep that incarnation and just make minor tweeks over the next few years. I don't feel the need to replace my 01 with an 02 simply because there isn't a significant difference between them and I doubt that if you rode either one you could tell the difference between them (assuming they were identically set up).

It is exciting to hear you're testing these set ups though. If the 03 model arrives with all the gadgetry you claim, I'll expect a giant "I told you so!" :)

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I heard from a good source that the 2003 is going to be all titanium and carbon fiber, electric and kick start, be a 450 and weigh only 94 lbs, plus retail for $2,200.

I gotta get me one of those hehehe...

Originally posted by criss:

How about 450cc,electric start + 10kgs (22 lbs) lighter.

(from someone who does R+D for Yamaha)


I guess I'll get about 1500$ for my 426 dinosaur then. I'm not holding my breath for this prediction. :)

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I JUST got off of the TELE with madam CLEO!

This is what she had to say about the 03' yammy.

<ul type="square"> 1.YZ449.5F twin cyl. 97hp 119ftlbs trq


3.fuel injected

4.elect start

5.multi-fuel (Helium/gasoline/NOS)

6.Carbon Fibre Frame/exhaust

7.Ti Swingarm/axles/spokes

8."BLACK" Wheels!!!!!!!

9.Bob "Hurricane" Hannah Graphics (optional Blue!)


11.RG3 Triple clamp

12.Gold Valves FRONT/REAR

13.Unbreakable fenders!!!!



16.Scotts Damper

17.Real chain and sprockets!!!!

18.$5999.00 w/can of corn donation

$7399.79 w/o




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