2003 Yz450f?

MXA stuck a electric starter on the KTM520,and it still wieghed less than a std 426,as for the 10kgs (25 lbs)......wait and see!

All signs point to a big update for the 426. They just finised all the 2 strokes this year, the Honda is out, and it hasn't been done since the 98 model, other than the engine and other smaller stuff. We'll all just have to wait and see but if I were a betting man I'd bet on some big changes.

Originally posted by criss:

How about 450cc,electric start + 10kgs lighter.

(from someone who does R+D for Yamaha)

Is that 22 pounds lighter after adding the electric start? That is hard to believe, but it would be awesome.



With a source like that (madam cleo), you've got to be on to something :D This is the greatest news I've heard in a long time :)

Originally posted by THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER:

I JUST got off of the TELE with madam CLEO!

This is what she had to say about the 03' yammy.

<ul type="square"> 1.YZ449.5F twin cyl. 97hp 119ftlbs trq


3.fuel injected

4.elect start

5.multi-fuel (Helium/gasoline/NOS)

6.Carbon Fibre Frame/exhaust

7.Ti Swingarm/axles/spokes

8."BLACK" Wheels!!!!!!!

9.Bob "Hurricane" Hannah Graphics (optional Blue!)


11.RG3 Triple clamp

12.Gold Valves FRONT/REAR

13.Unbreakable fenders!!!!



16.Scotts Damper

17.Real chain and sprockets!!!!

18.$5999.00 w/can of corn donation

$7399.79 w/o




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And in Okie there going for $5,700 otd

BSA acutally tried the whole titainium everything back in 69/70'. They ended up throwing away a swing arm that cost $6000 in 1969! If you can find the article in Cycle mag. its a great read. A lighter 426 would be nice for sure. Mine felt like an ATC 90 when I got back on it after riding a Cr450F :)

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