2002 YZ426F

I'm way out in the Far East of Russia and have recently bought a 426 from Japan. Firstly I'm a short-a**s and I'd like to hear from anyone with ideas to reduce the ride height. Second does anyone know of an electric start kit for the machine.

First of all what are you doing in Russia ????

Anyhow, Kauba Link makes lowering kits for all kinds of bikes.


There site states that they are still working on it, but it said that last year, so I would email them and find out what the deal is.


About the starter, ive never heard of an electric starter for a yz426, i searched the forums and came up empty, others may have some insight on that, good luck.

The starting routine is not a big deal after awhile....... :D

In Russia (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) workin and havin a ball on bikes, quads, snegahods (snow-mobiles). The place is ace and you can visit www.geocities.com/l_bjell/ and have alook at how bad our conditions are ............. not :)

Most evious! Beautiful country. I would love to go and check it out.

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