extra brake pads

I have a set of DP DS321 pads for the YZ, (and most Yamies).

Never used. If you want em, let me know and I'll send them out.

The catch? There are a "G" compound, and not the MX-PRO "H" compound, (aka SDP321).

Meaning, if you want something better than stock, but you don't want the edgy performance of a race compound, then this your pad.

First to post gets 'em.


I'll pay you for the shipping! If you send them to me that is! :)

[ November 29, 2001: Message edited by: YZ Abuser ]


I'll take the brake pads if no one else wants them! I already need new pads and Im sure they will help alot (especially since I will be going faster with my new suspension)! Email me @ motoman393@homtial.com and if interested and I can send a money order out today! Later,



Sometimes when you fall off the horse you're not suppose to get back on right away.


I'm not going to buy another fender or handlebar until i get a helmet, maybe that will help.....lol

Sorry guys, Jason nailed the pads and springs.

motoman - I think you're more of a SDP321 (HH) pad kind of guy, anyways.

no no send them to me because I have not had brakes on my bike since the end of june because I spend all my money on replacing front fenders, handlebars and what ever else gets in my way when i have to stop...

Hey if you send them to me I will wrap them up and put on the tag from santa so when I wake up christmas morning I will have something under the Tree(Oh i forgot i don't have enough money for a tree can you send a tree also, no smaller than 12' please or my wife will be disappointed) thanks...... I'm going to sit by my mailbox and wait,please hurry It's cold out there

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