hard to start 426 cold

So lets start this off with what i have done to the bike. i had the upper end done with new vavles and the hot cams exhaust cam done at the same time. So with that being said, i went for a ride with my son. I had it running the night before then changed the oil. I unloaded the bike kiked it a few times and it started then stalled. Kiked a few more times and nothing. I gave it a few more twistes of the throtle and kiked a few more time. I got a few pops from the exhaust then nothig. well after a half hour i got it running and it runs great. then the rest of the day she started right away. So i am thinking that mabie carb bowl did not have enouf fuel in it at that point. just not sure, but like i said just wanted some diffrent input. thanks

My cousin had an early model 400 or 426 (I can't remember which) and if he even touched the throttle with the bike not ruining it would foul the plug and he would have to change it before his bike would start

I don't know how long you had your 426 but anyone with this bike like myself will tell you popping means flooding and never touch throttle when starting that bike in fact I don't turn my petcock on until its running even during hot start when its cold I lope thrue without compression Twice then turn choke on and kick it starts first try almost everytime.

Hope this helps goodluck

wow for some reason I skipped over the hot cams you added don't no anything about them that might change startup procedure anyway I hope you solve your prob.

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a friend of mine had one did same thing! bike was an animal when it ran. had more balls than most these 450's do today.

When you started it after changing the oil, you probably set it up to foul the plug the next day by not letting the spark plug get hot enough to dry itself off completely.

One of the shortcomings of the 426 and 400 is that the ignition at cranking speeds is not as strong as it could be. That makes them fussy about plugs when cold starting.

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