WR400 trans/crank/cyl interchangability?

So I've got a WR400 I'm working on that had the transmission grenade. The parts flying around inside busted a corner off the cylinder, dinged up the piston and rod and the crank. So it really needs a complete new engine however I'm trying to find the cheapest way to make it right again. I've been looking on ebay and found people selling transmissions for $160ish and they list they are good for 400/426/450. Are the transmission shafts/gears/shift drum and forks all interchangeable between these bikes?

Also I figured while I have to replace them anyway I may as well get a the cylinder/piston/crank out of a 426 or 450 as well. From the reading I've been doing on here so far it looks like the 426 cylinder and crank are direct bolt ins. However does anyone know if the 450 is as well? I've found a complete bottom end cases and everything on ebay off a 450 for cheap, though it says it needs a new crank. Would the 426 cylinder bolt up to it?

Thanks for any help or suggestions on what will work on this.


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