extra fork springs

I have two sets of fork springs that are gathering dust.

Both are from Eibach. One set is a .45, the other is a .47. Yours, free for the asking.

The .45 were used for about an hour of riding. The .47 have about 150 hard hours on them.

Here’s what I’m unhappy about.

Both sets of springs are about 2 to 5mm shorter than the factory springs, and seem to move around a bit too much unless extra pre-load shims are added. However, they are not spec’d for more than 10mm of pre-load.

The other issue is that the .45 springs have a .42 part number on the spring, but were ordered, shipped, and then later tested as a .45. Sloppy. Additionally, both sets are not as taut on the top end as the factory springs are. Meaning, they sag easier for the first 20 to 30mm at a rate less than the factory spring.

In other words, I have lost a bit of faith in Eibach motorcycle springs.

I was really under the impression that most springs were created equal, but it’s obvious when you stand these next to the factory springs (and kick them) that they are not.

So if you want to upgrade your pogo stick, let me know and I’ll send them out.


Jeez Dave..this is like Christmas around here..thrown em' in w/the pads..hehe

I'll take em and pay for the shipping!

hey, can I have your front clamp for your carb when you want to get rid of it?


Sorry, looks like Jason nailed them both.

Perhaps he'll tire of them.


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