Incredible--There Really Is A Santa!!! It's Here!

Alright, sometimes, (my wife says), I can get overly excited---but I ordered this last March and I stopped in to see the owner of the dealership (a friend), and my WR 450 came today and is still all boxed up-until tomorrow. This is my first new bike in 15 years. The ole' Husky just kept running....Thanks to everyone on TT, I have gleaned enough information to have all the free mods done, it will be dual-sported, JD Jetting Kit, Power Now, Zip-Ty fuel screw & magnetic drain plug, Flatland Racing skid plate and radiator guards, ProMoto Billet exhaust silencer insert. That will do for now. Unreal, I'm headed out Saturday morning on my sled to cut down a Christmas tree up in the mountains and then loading up the bike and headed an hour's drive away to hit the sand dunes--there's still no snow there yet. Life is wonderful.

Congrats on getting the new bike. I am still waiting on mine. I don't have as many toys waiting for mine just throttle stop, bars, and hand gaurds. I do want to get rad gaurds before riding too much.


There's STILL NO SNOW on the dunes at St. Anthony?? Now, how can I squeeze a trip in this month....hmm... :)

Hey, congrats on the new bike! I noticed you live in the Teton Valley - you lucky of the most beautiful areas in the world. I've got a family reunion in Victor in July. Any ideas on where we can ride while up there? Any MX tracks in the area? I'd love to ride in the mountains, and my kids love new mx tracks, if we can do both, we'd be living large!




You couldn't have said anything better about this place--the backyard is truly amazing and will take a lifetime to bike all of it (I'm getting there as fast as I can--do the exploring thing in the winter too on the sled). You're in luck, anything west of the valley is totally open to motorized vehicles and there are many incredible tight tree trails and forest service roads to spend time on. The highest peak in the Big Hole Mountains is just the right distance from the house to eat lunch on and feast on the view of the Tetons right out in front. Give me a holler in July, we'll go, I'm always looking for an excuse to get out and take in the sights. Also, there is a family in the valley trying to convince the county commissioners to allow them to put in an MX track where they have a gravel pit on 20 acres. Hasn't happened yet, but they are trying real hard to make it happen. Maybe we'll see you in July--staying in the valley, I know you'll have a fantastic family reunion.


Very nice bro....happy holidays!


STILL NO SNOW on the dunes, but after the last big storm dumped 2-3 feet of snow up high, the days are becoming scarcer still being able to play in the sand.


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