Best Sprocket Combo with TeraFlex

Any thoughts on the best combo to run (as far as sprockets), to use the stock chain (no added links), and run the the TeraFlex?

I am getting ready to try 13/48 as soon as I wrestle on the Teraflex tire this Friday.

I secured the plastic mud guard to the swingarm with heavy stainless steel wire. I drilled four holes in the guard and looped over, under and around the cavity that the rear shock sits in. This pulled the guard back hard against the swingarm and it cannot move. I criss-crossed the wire through the holes. Two strands were used.

I've got the Teraflex tire hanging on a pole, sitting between two oil filled electric heaters. It's nice and warm. Hope this goes on without alot of hassle.

I worked up a sweat taking off the 6 ply Michelin BAJA tire. :D


I think your about to rip off you mud guard. I hope I am wrong :)

I've got the Teraflex tire hanging on a pole, sitting between two oil filled electric heaters. It's nice and warm. Hope this goes on without alot of hassle.

The TeraFlex is a radial, so it has steel bands where the knobbies are, yet the sidewalls are super-flexy. I don't know if you have mounted one of those things before, but I think it will go easier than you may think!

Remember to have the opposite bead below where it seats on the rim (have it in the middle of the rim during the mounting process) and it will dang near mount itself!



I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder, I may get my son to help keep the beads in the center. :)


I have been looking for some DID 520VM rollers (to lengthen the chain) and came up empty so I will try using the stock chain with smaller front sprocket and securing the mud guard. I added a nut and washer to the inside of the exhaust pipe mounting bolt, where the exhaust is secured to the subframe. This pushes the exhaust away from the tire.

I've got 14 48 and a tera flex its awsome & it will go on easy. i've orderd a 13 tooth front to run a 5.60 10 paddle at dunomt dunes . ill let you know how the tera flex is on a 13 48 in a few weekks

O-YEAH Bruce is right the tera flex will tera off your mud flap you will need a sand scock on the rear scock :D:)

The Tera Flex is hevier and lets the bike rev just a little slower but, not much, most of the slow down is the tire hitting the swing arm! It grows as it spins. over 80mph it has grown an inch and a half! at 90 almost 2". You may not beleave it but, if you want the awesome Terror of the Tera Flex you'll find out. 13 tooth in the front will fix most of it if your chain has some stretch. Once your a mark past the half way point on your chain adjustment you will only hit when the tire is new and you above 80mph. The growth has to do with the steel blets and the side walls flexing in push the tire out.

Thanks to all for the replies/input...Greatly appreciated!


The TeraFlex went on easier than I thought. I did have my son help by standing on the far end and holding one tire iron aa I easily levered the last of the tire in place.

Getting the inner tube and rim lock in was a little tiresome but I managed. Didn't set any time records. :)

The mud guard had to come off just as BWB63 said, so I made a shock sock and fashioned a new mud guard out of a heavy plastic container. The new guard sits back away from the tire well. I will take some pictures and add them to my web site.

After tomorrows ride I will let you know how the 13/48 setup turned out. To look at it I have a little over one inch of clearance between the nobs and the rear of the swingarm.

Just got back from a ride. The 13/48 combo works great on my bike. I did not experience any rubbing of the TeraFlex tire against the swingarm or exhaust. My top speed was only 60 mph, so I don't know what would happen at 80 mph. My chain adjustment placed the notch on the each block just barely past the midpoint adjustment mark on the swingarm. I shimmed out the exhaust pipe at the subframe mounting point.

I couldn't believe the difference between my 50% worn out BAJA tire and the brand new TeraFlex. The grip this tire has and the amout of ground it tore up is fantastic. I don't give a hoot about losing a little acceleration, the confidence you gain in traction is worth it.

:):D :D

What pressure are you running in the tire? Just got mine from Chaparral today...Thanks...

eight pounds....that's right only eight pounds....If you are just pass the mid-point on the adjusters the terible tera flex will rub on the frount inside of your swing arm somewhere up there in speed but, if your not a speed freak you'll be happy where it's at. I could feal it when I would hit fast speed on the pavement. I have found that the XR400 (all honda dirt bike spockets for the big bikes are the same) in steel works great with the 13 tooth counter shaft sprocket. The difference for the XR650R spocket is that they make it out of a real hard alloy. A stock XR400 spocket is a 45. A 45 and a 13 is back to stock speed. (same as a 14/48)Takes the adjustment to the very back. Not real good for MX cornering. But, for the dunes with that huge 560 paddle looooook out! That Paddle has scoops as big as a snow shovel. Ok, maybe......still they are big....and you need the adjustment to the farthest back it can possably go! When I first started running the Tera Flex I ran a EVR Gold chain that I had stretched to past the mid point. :)


I'm running 18 psi and have seen no evidence of rubbing at 60mph.

Why do you keep your tire pressure so low (8 psi) on asphalt? Wouldn't the sidewalls would be strained at speed if you were traveling more than a couple of miles?

What tire pressure do you run in deep sand?

I run mostly dirt (95%). You don't get to use the side knobs above 6 or 8 pounds inless your in sand. You can run this tire at 4 pounds I have with no problem. You need two rim locks with this tire! 60mph is that through the whoops? :) It wont rub till you get up there or your spinning it in fifth, out here in Kalifornia spinning the tire in fifth at 80 is half the fun. The other half is through the whoops at 60. :D


I run in a mixture of rock, sand and cleche clay. The roads are primitive, sandy and rutty. Washboard, dry washes and big potholes are common. The 60+ mph runs are taken on the open sections of the primitive roads. I usually hit whoops between 45-50 mph.

I am only running a single rimlock. Have you had the tire bead break loose with a single rimlock?

I 've gotten some wear on the side knobs with the pressure I am running. Low speed stuff, kind of flattracking it, on the perimeter track I've cut on my 4 acres of desert. :)

I just like to get all the help I can get. Try it low and if it doesn't help in your place of riding it's not for you. When we are riding cut throat and your got the back tire locked up from the trail to the rocks I have lost the valve stem. It's not the throtle but, the high speed braking that spins the tire. :) 80mph stops and those big knobies grab granite, something has to give.

Great info. Another alternative is to drill a couple of holes in the rim and add two stainless steel machine screws (one on each side) to act as a second rimlock.

I always practice panic braking when I am out riding. Usually at much slower speeds that 80 mph. :)

I will keep an eye on the tire for movement (by marking it and the rim). Will try lower tire pressure when I am strictly offroad.


Merry Christmas to All

I have put a 5.60 paddel on for dumont and put a 13 tooth sprocket on & could not get the chain on , I bought a 44 t rear sprocket for a cr500 and had to drill out the mounting holes so it would fit my xr650 and then the chain was to lose so I put the 14 tooth sprocket back on . I still have a lose chain . it looks like I will be going to the xr400 stock sprocket 45t & a 13 frount . for the tera flex 14-48 would remove the mud guard.

Here is the report on a 5.60 paddle you need to use a 45t rear & a 14 front

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