Best Sprocket Combo with TeraFlex

Did the paddles hit at all? With this setup was the chain still loose? Did you have it all the way back or just real close to all the way back? Did you wear the shirt that was in you air box? :)

with the 5.60 tire and a 14t front and the 45t rear the tire never hit the swing arm it did rip off all of my rear lights & wiring I found bottom a few times, the tire was pulled all the way back in ajustment . I cant find that shirt :)

Sounds like you should of gone a few clicks harder on the compression adjuster on the shock, when your out on the dunes!!!!!Sounds like some air time!!!!And with a 11.5kg spring! I am looking into away to put plastic under the fernder to stop the wire riping. :)

thats a great idea bruce , cover the wire with another pice of plaistic. what was that about the clicks on the shock????????/ we are Glamis bound!!!!!!!! :)

Three clicks just for the dune would be a start! Till it stops hitting the fender. The one at the bottom of the shock. So, far our family has stayed away from hot spots on big weekends. When we go to Havasu, Dumont, Glamis and such we go one or two weeks off. Glamis on New years is CRAZY! The kids would just get ran over. We have the flags, paddles and such, just not into lot's of crazy people. Thanks and I hope we all get together soon.

Thanks for the info Bruce

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