Moto WR450 - Crash engine problem

Hey Guys, unfortunately just over a week ago i put my wr450 05 model down on the road, made a mess of myself and have done my knee however the bike has come off quite well. I managed to ride it home after the accident, it was reving very high, as if the choke was out (but it wasnt) and i cudnt understand why. It backfired abit aswell. i got it home chucked it in the garage and went to hospital . my mate come around today to look at it with me and took it round the block. it now backfires heaps and is running SUPER rough. oil is fine and visually the throttle cable seems fine..Im not a moto genius so im out of simple ideas for a fix,

im worried maybe its the air/fuel ratio thats somehow out of wack now? honestly stumped any help is appreciated

Hopefully someone can give me some ideas or has experieced something similar.

anyway cheers guys hit me up!

all sorted, cheers

what was the problem

hope you can get back on the bike soon.

all sorted, cheers


That's one of my biggest pet peeves. People ask a question in a public forum, get it resolved, but offer NO insight to what the resolution was. :excuseme:


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