2009 yz450f shuts off?

my buddy across the street has a beautiful 2009 yz450f, which he bought from my buddy (a mechanic in Alberta) a few months back. bike has hot cams, high compression piston, dr d exhaust and I don't know what else. runs like a damn champ ill tell ya that. he just put a new tire on so he was out alllllll day yesterday and never had a problem. this morning he wakes up, goes out to kick her over and she starts for about 3 seconds then just shuts off. what could this be? jet stuck open and flooding carb possibly??

valves were my initial guess but I don't know enough about it

Starts and shuts off when the choke is closed, or does that make any difference?

doesn't matter, she won't stay going regardless

Will it restart immediately, or is it hard to start, also?

after a couple kicks it will go again, run 3 seconds and shut off. same with being bump started. valves?

Had an 06 that did the same thing. My fuel screw had came out. Don't know how or why but when it was replaced it was back to normal. Could be something to check...

Sounds more like electrical. Could be something in the float bowl, though. Try pulling the jet plug and looking for dirt or water in the bottom.

Then test the stator and coil. CDI failures are rather rare.

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