Stiff Clutch Pull

Need the King Fu grip to actuate the clutch on my '06 WR 450

Checked everything. Lubed cable, it got a little better. Put in a new cable, little change. Popped clutch cover off and looked for grooving of the basket....none. Got a lever with a bearing in it that helped.

In the end its still too stiff. Looked up the PN for the springs to the clutch on the same year 250 model. Going to try that. They did the same thing in an article of Dirt Bike and claim it helped a lot.

Somebody said there is a Teflon lined cable made by motion pro that helps with clutch pull.

Does anyone make a longer arm for the clutch actuation?

I'd like to have a butter-soft clutch.

Also try contact cleaner down the line to clean it out then lube it. That works for me.

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