holy super green fork snot!

Well, tonight I did the first fork oil change on my '01. The oil that came out was dark greenish, definitely not clean. I had no idea that oil in the forks would get this dirty! I replaced it with the yamaha "suspension oil '01'" which was almost clear in comparison.

Question for you all as well. The manual recommends replacing many of the fork parts with new parts when it is reassembled (after full disassembly). How many of you really replace these parts when you tear down and reassemble the forks?

As a general rule, I only replace the parts that are damaged/worn.

So..... did you pull the guts out or merely dump the tube up side down?

Due to a time limit I only pumped the oil out and refilled it. Took a lot of pumping to get it all out! Next time I change it I will shoot for the full tear down. :)

There's an inner and outer bushing that rides between the two tubes. They are coated with a soft black teflon like material.

If they have any wear or marks, they should be replaced.

But you'll need to pull the seals and such to separate the two tubes before you can get to these.

Good thing you got rid of that old fish pond water.

And good choice in fluid might I add.

Thanks for the tips! The yamaha oil is a lot thicker than I expected, especially the stuff coming out of the forks. The forks feel great to me stock so I didn't want to change to a different oil, but at $25 a can (takes almost 1 1/2 cans to do a change) I might have to find it for less or switch to a different brand. :) Do you know of any oils of equavalent spec to the yamaha oil but for less money?

It's always been my opinion that keeping a bike in perfect competitive shape is rather costly.

And I thought I was paying about $15 to $18 for the KYB juice. I'll have to double check.

Can't think of anything less than this that I was happy with.

Doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


Your price isn't "as" bad as what I got gouged for. What gets me is that the cans came with a higher price on them which was crossed out with the lower price written in (the local shop had to order it for me). I wonder who has ever paid the higher price? The cans I got didn't say KYB they actually had "Yamaha" on them, which is probably what cost the extra dollars. Where do you get yours?


I run the KYB stuff. It's a white bottle, quart size.

The first and second batch (about 12 quarts) was distributed via Enzo Racing, puchased from my local moto store, with a White Brothers label over the top.

The following batches I had my local store order directly from White Brothers. No Enzo label.

I would assume the chain is - manufacture, to KYB, to White Brothers, to me.

Perhaps we should order the 55 gallon drum and distribute.


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