WR450 idle

All, I have noticed that my bike does not like to idle (cold or hot). What would you recommend to solve this issue. All settings are stock from the factory. Thanks in advance for the info. :)

Try the idle screw. Set engine idle to 2300 rpm

Could be a clogged pilot jet....how long did it sit with gas in the carb?

Indy - How do I know where the RPM's are at. I don't have a way to check that. :)

Rich - I ride every weekend and the bike has only been out 7 times. Its still almost new.

The best way is to buy a $100. timing light (strobe). But if you are not able to get your hands on it. I use my panoram computer to check the idle occasionally so the bike will run at 6 mph (with stock sprockets 14/50) on a flat paved road with no throttle. That will be very close. It will not stall unless you go up a hill. The WR450 will run in first gear without stalling if the idle is set right on a paved road. :)

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