Different Year Exhaust Fitting

From what I could find 1998-2004 exhausts are interchangeable and 2005-up (before the backwards head) will not fit. From pictures and the parts diagram the 2004 and 2005 mounting points and pipe bends look very similar. Has anyone tried to make a 2005+ exhaust fit on a 2004 or older? If it just needs a little ball peen massage or an easy bracket made I'd try it. If the head pipe runs straight into the frame or something that requires it to be cut/bent and welded then I probably won't bother.

I had a header from my 04 that I stuck on my 08...until I cracked that one too.

The '05 and '04 were essentially the same bike, so your list is off a little. "Some" interchangeability exists with the '06-'09 models, also, but it's a lot more iffy.

Thanks guys. I might just find a cheap stock exhaust from an '06-'09 and see what happens.

Does that mean 2004 and under exhausts will fit my 99 400?

Sounds like 2005 and under should fit.

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